Let there be art!

As a senior at Whitman, it was only this year that I decided to join the Whitman Events Board. Why did it take me this long? Great question, one to which I don’t have an answer! The Whitman Events Board (or WEB) is responsible for organizing and overseeing all events we bring to campus—this includes musicians, lecturers, bouncy castles, drive-in movies…you name it, we’ll bring it! Well, we will try, I should say. A very sweet woman in the activities office recently asked if we could bring “that Lady Gaga girl”. I smiled and said we’d look into it.

My position on WEB is Creative Art Director, meaning I oversee the student art gallery in Reid, our campus center. While it’s a small space, being in Reid means that it gets perhaps the most foot traffic of any building on campus. Yesterday I put on the first gallery opening of the school year, revealing 18 beautiful photographs taken on a Whitman Direct Action trip to Guatemala. Armed with plenty of tea, coffee, and cookies to lure students into the gallery space, the opening was a great success! The Whitman Direct Action students were able to speak about their experience researching sanitary water systems this summer in Guatemala while having wonderful visual aids to bring their words to life.

As for me, I finally got to sit back, relax, and eat a cookie. After slaving away for weeks to make sure the gallery was spotless, the photographs were printed the right size and quality, everything was level, and signs had been made, it felt wonderful to simply sit down and enjoy the sight of students wandering through the space, drinking in the artwork.


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