Walla Walla Fall(a)

The one drawback to fall breaks (both thanksgiving and 4 day) is that there is an inevitable mass of papers and midterm exams that must be attended to before break can begin. I remember my freshman year walking back from the library on the Friday afternoon before 4 day in a post midterm delirium—I believe I had spent the entire previous night in the library writing an international politics. I planned on going straight to my room and not leaving my bed for a very, very long time. However, I was stopped by a good friend of mine who was sitting in front of Jewett on the grass, strumming his guitar. He insisted on serenading me, and I was too tired to protest.

I ended up laying on the grass in front of Jewett for hours, drinking hot chocolate with fellow residents, talking about our plans for break, and admiring the fall colors surrounding us. We brought blankets out, laughed, and celebrated the fact that we’d just conquered our first set of college midterms. It was almost comical how quintessential Whitman the scene was, and perhaps for this reason it is still so clearly engrained in my memory.


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