Study: Break!

As I enter the pre-Thanksgiving academic crunch, I find myself brainstorming new effective ways of breaking from schoolwork to clear my mind. When your eyes are glued to a word document or textbook for hours on end, one must periodically stop and return to the real world to avoid total insanity. As a senior, I’ve had some memorable study break moments. In the library, my favorite break is hearing one of our campus a capella groups break the tense, quiet library atmosphere by serenading the students. I love watching everyone momentarily abandon their work to gather around the main library foyer just to enjoy the music.

The Residence Hall RA’s put on an organized study break Wednesday evenings at 9:00. One of my favorite memories of freshman year was gathering in the Jewett Hall lounge to roast marshmallows in the seldom used Jewett fireplace, while we listened to RA’s tell campfire stories and sing camp songs. Aside from dropping burnt marshmallow goop onto the Jewett carpet (I believe there is still a mark) the event was a great success. When I became an RA, during the first study break I hosted I had the residents learn the entire dance to “Sexy and I Know it”. I like to think that everyone studied a little bit better that night with this song playing in their heads on repeat as a constant confidence boost.

I plan on spending the greater part of tonight in the library. Can’t wait to see what tonight’s study break will bring!


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