Final Countdown.

As one may have noticed from recent blog posts, us senior admissions interns are becoming acutely aware of the limited time we have remaining at our beloved Whitman. Entering my last semester, I have been creating an ongoing mental checklist of things that I absolutely cannot graduate Whitman without doing. Below is just the start of my list. Senior Whitties, I am curious: what will YOU do to make this semester count?

“I cannot allow myself to go my last semester at Whitman without…”

  1. Thanking the professors who have made the greatest impact on my academic experience at Whitman. I of course have learned and grown from every professor who has taught me here—but there are certain professors who have taken a far greater investment in my education that they are required as professors. For this, I’ll always feel indebted to them. I cannot allow myself to leave Whitman without at least attempting to communicate the extent of my gratitude.
  2. Reuniting with my freshman year section. We’ve known each other since the beginning, since the first week of Whitman when we walked timidly around Jewett Hall wondering: who will become my friends for the next four years? Do I belong here? How can I get to know those handsome devils in the 2-West section? Personally, I would love nothing more than to have a reunion with the students of 4-East. I am curious where everyone has ended up, what we have all accomplished, and how each of us has changed over our time at Whitman.
  3.  Enjoying one last “Camp Whitman.” The period of time at the end of each school year after finals but before graduation has been dubbed Camp Whitman. Why? Because the entire campus magically transforms from a place of high stress and academic intensity into a land of frolicking, none-competitive sports, and sun bathing. Everyone experiences a kind of post finals, pre summer euphoria. This spring will be my last Camp Whitman, and I hope to make it count. As always, dinners in the wheat fields, outdoor jam-sessions, and Frisbee will be essential elements.

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