Find your Narnia

 I believe that an integral part of one’s first semester of college is finding your “spot” on campus.  Along with finding a good group of friends, your favorite professors, and the best food spots, I believe every student should invest some time seeking out their “spot”. By this I mean a place where you can retreat to make a phone call home, delve into your reading, or just simply sit and think. A few of my favorite places on campus (now don’t go stealing them!) are the balcony of our library’s Quiet Room, the benches along Lakum Duckum, and the roofs of the academic buildings.

However, the spot that I’ve continuously found myself returning to over the last few years is Whitman’s Narnia. Narnia is a unique space on campus no larger than a volleyball court. It is characterized by a peaceful stream and small waterfall, zen rocks, and overall just beautiful landscape architecture. I love to climb around on the rocks and then settle down on one to relax and take in the beautiful setting. What I love about Narnia is that it has no real purpose other than being a beautiful, quiet place. Whitman could have easily used this space for a small academic building, a residence hall, or some other more functional purpose. However, Narnia has been preserved. Because it has no practical purpose, I believe many students go their whole Whitman experience never spending significant periods of time there.  Wherever life takes me after I graduate this spring, I hope I will be able to find another “Narnia” there.



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